Making TREE MAGIC is an ever-popular event with Mandala Magicians.

It’s where we come together and look to the wisdom of trees, using our limited understanding of their biology and we spend time listening.

Our relationship with trees must not only be about what they offer us, but about what we can give back.

In addition to the creative prompts, our latest event invited participants to contribute to our partner TREE SISTERS and the Scottish-based TREES for LIFE (in addition to projects in the wake of the Maui fires.)

As I write this, the School has also just donated £111.60 GBP to TREE SISTERS, in respect of transactions from June – August!

Most of us are likely to intuitively feel and understand the spirit within the tree and we could certainly sit down to create a symbolic version of that mysterious animating force.

During TREE MAGIC, our invitation is to work with some basic biology and interpret that through the mandala form, adding to our understanding of why we are drawn to these wondrous beings that have gifted us so much throughout the course of our existence.

The TREE MAGIC mandalas below have all been created by magicians either during our live event or during a replay, which is available to all members.

We’re always pleased to welcome new members – why don’t you join us before our next Magic Circle?

One of the most popular benefits of the Mandala Magic School is the friendly community, where you’ll find welcome support, no matter your skill level, or experience.

p.s. when you’re a member, you can access the replays of each event – it’s almost as good as joining in live! 

Click on any TREE MAGIC Mandala below to expand the view and discover who created it!


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