“It’s just changed my life. I can’t express it any other way. It has completely changed my life.”

It’s always heartwarming to connect with Mandala Magicians and hear them talk about their work and this conversation was no exception.

Wendy Ells is a silversmith and writer who has been working with the Mandala Magic process by following the Alignment program for two cycles and more.

It was great to catch up with Wendy from her home in France where she speaks candidly about turning to the Mandala Magic practice for transformation.

“It’s a transformative way of getting to the heart of who you are and how you feel about things and what you think about things.”

Sorry, the video quality is not great this time around, but the audio works fine, so ideal for listening alongside some mandala magic!


  1. Lynn Karegeannes

    I enjoyed this rich and interesting spotlight! It is the first that I have watched and it has certainly inspired me to watch others. Wendy, I spent a year in brittany when I was young (in my 20’s). the locals frequently commented that i looked like a typical Bretonne Girl, though I am american. My heritage is from the british isles, so i assume that is why i have that look. but i wanted to say that i loved to hear your comments about the connections between brittany and the british isles. thank you for your meaningful discussion of your work with the mandala!

  2. michael ann Leaver

    How inspiring and life giving. Thank you

  3. Diane Hellig

    Hi Wendy apologies for a late response but it is lovely to ‘meet’ you! I have been disconnected from my creativity for various reasons but watching you and your sharing takes me back into Mandal magic and how amazing the process is, so thank you! I feel inspired by the way you consistently journal with your mandalas and definitely relate to how mandala making is so powerful in working through our personal ‘stuff’. Your mandalas are beautiful, I love the fullness and colour of your designs. Sending best wishes.

  4. Jean Epp-Gauthier

    I enjoyed listening to this sharing video. I appreciate your thoughtful, insightful comments, Wendy, about how mandalas have impacted your life in such a positive way. The circle widens when we share. thank you.

  5. Kathy Steelandt

    Such a beautiful share Wendy, your creativity shines through. You are remarkable in having found the balance between making a living and using your creativity, I am yet to achieve this! I too loved the 8 fold year rhythm of Julie’s alignment programme, it remains my favourite and has such depth. A complete safe haven during covid for me. DOing it each year certainly makes us notice our own changing energy through our mandalas. My gratitude to you for being in the spotlight. Blessings, Kathy x


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