Roots of Rest & a Tree Sisters Donation

Our members are brilliant and the work they produce visibly demonstrates their connection and dedication to Earth.

Mandala Magician, Rachel Kentish, created the mandala that accompanies this post in response to the prompts for Midwinter from our signature course, Alignment’s Going Deeper exploration.

We love how the sleeping bear is cradled within the roots of the strong tree above and think it speaks well to the need for all of nature – yes, that includes us humans!) to cycle through periods of rest.

In our commitment to Earth restoration, this month we have been able to donate once again to the TreeSisters charity for every member transaction completed.

February’s Monthly Memberships gave us £46.35 to send to TreeSisters via Work for Good.

We’re also looking forward to gathering in real-time next weekend to create some more Tree Magic together in our members-only Magic Circle event.

Thanks to Our Members!

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