Putting People Before Profits

In this short article, Greenpeace points out the very real problem with carbon offsetting by the likes of oil companies and airlines.

However much we can all agree that restoring nature through tree planting projects seems like a positive contribution to our climate emergency, funding these projects whilst continuing to practice business as usual is nothing more than greenwashing, particularly when profits come before people.

At the same time, becoming a SoulTrees Partner was an important decision for the Mandala Magic School as we considered how to operate a business that does least harm and also contributes positively to the world.

The material we teach here and the invitations we extend to our members includes a conscious approach to creativity and to everyday life.

We believe and practice a reductionist approach to harmful operations like the  purchase and consumption of materials that may be good for only one exercise, never to be used again, or the use of potentially toxic ingredients.

And we are also able to make conscious decisions like delighting in a brand new sketchbook or investing in some tech gadgets that helps us operate our low-carbon business – we’re by no means angels!

Given our very modest profits, we wanted to set up a donation that aligns closely with our values and the work that Tree Sisters carries out in the world is just one of those matches.

Each month, we make a donation per transaction completed at the School and in January, thanks to the interaction of our Members, we made a donation to TreeSisters via Work for Good for £103.50!

It may be a small amount in the grand scheme but unlike the big energy companies and the airlines we are proudly putting people before profit.

Thanks to Our Members!


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