The Midsummer Mandala you might expect probably won’t be a self portrait, I know.

Meeting on the Feast of St John, or Midsummer’s Day in Europe, members of the Mandala Magic School set about creating a Midsummer Mandala from our signature ALIGNMENT program.

Here’s a small extract from the intro to the module to give you a feel:

The sun has reached its zenith and we are at the peak of the solar cycle – welcome to the Summer Solstice!

Here, we are blessed with enough fresh food, the ground is warm beneath our feet and the days are loooooooooooong.

Midsummer is the height of the green, when our meadows and woodlands are alive with plant life at the peak of its growth.

The warm air is heady with the scent of summer flora and buzzing with winged creatures who get drunk on pollen, even the tiniest and most annoying of which are essential to the ecosystem.

If we are lucky, there may be picnics by rivers and long walks in the evening sun and the gardeners amongst us are kept busy, watering their flowers and vegetables.

Life is supposed to BE good and the living is supposed to be easy … at least that’s what the stories of summer tell us.

Archetypally speaking, Midsummer is the time of peak active energies, where consciousness is full and clarity pervades all.

It is a time when focus of attention comes easy and energy is high.

It is the age of the Warrior and it is time to get-things-done and make-things-happen.

This saturation of light allows us to fit more tasks into our day and it also means that more of our life is exposed.

Summer Solstice affords us peak clarity and this may be a blessing in many ways but it can also be painful.

It is a perfect time to uncover that which is unjust or out of alignment and to take steps to realign.

The Midsummer mandalas below have all been created in response to the Solar Self exercise available as part of ALIGNMENT.

The process is always challenging and the experiences can be quite profound!

Supplies Julie Used

Eco Starter Portrait Sketchbook by Seawhite (A4)

Pigma Graphic 1 Marker

Soup Plate to trace a circle

W&N ProMarker V626 Amethyst; Lavender V518; Pink Carnation M328: Pastel Green G829; Lime Zest G159; Sunflower Y156

Tombow ABT Dual Brush Marker 623; 673; 373; 133; 985

Midsummer Mandala Gallery

I’ve included some of the self-portraits created in a gallery below – shared with permission.

Please click on any image to view the image in full and the artist’s name.

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Click on any Midsummer Mandala below to expand the view and discover who created it!


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