We are particularly proud of our community as a force for good!

Continually in awe of the people who show up to do the work of Mandala Magic, we are excited to introduce this new series showcasing their work.

In the spirit of co-creation, the Member Spotlight introduces you to a Mandala Magician each month and we have some amazing folk waiting to share.

Today’s episode spotlights author, teacher, thought leader and Mandala Magician, Looby Macnamara and happily coincides with Looby’s latest project, The Cultural Emergence Card Deck Kickstarter Campaign.

There are so many connections, tangents and points of similarity in Cultural Emergence and Mandala Magic that our conversation could have lasted for many hours.

We hope you enjoy this Encouraging Conversation and encourage you to offer your support in the comments below and by sharing this post with your wider community.

Don’t forget, Looby’s Kickstarter project ends April 6th, so if you are moved (and able) to join this emerging global movement, head over to find out more today.



Find out more about Looby’s books, videos, podcasts, in-person and online courses and online community at Cultural Emergence:


Looby’s books are available in the USA from Chelsea Green:


Join the Crowd Funder and become part of the Cultural Emergence global movement:



  1. Barbara Olle

    The color theory was the first thing I responded to when you showed your card. When I was young my sister and I had separate bedrooms until my brother was born and we had to share. Her favorite color was blue and mine was pink or red. We had to come together to share our room so we merged the colors and our bedroom was lavendar/purple! for me it shows that when two things come together they can result in something equally beautiful!

    • Julie Gibbons

      That’s a great lesson for young folk to learn, Barbara – thanks for sharing a wee glimpse into your childhood!

  2. Helena González Sáez

    Very interesting work !!
    We need much more people like you in the world.
    Thank you very much Looby and thanks to Julie for invite you here.

    • Julie Gibbons

      Glad you enjoyed this conversation, Helena! Thank you for all the good you bring into the world, too 🙂

  3. kathleen steelandt

    What an enlightening conversatio, thank you so much Julie and Looby. How reassuring that there are these amazing individuals working to make a shift in our world. I will definitely look into the work that Looby does more and I am sure learn so much from it. Isn’t it wonderful that these networks are being created even though we are not meeting in person. My gratitude to you both.

    • Julie Gibbons

      Thanks for tuning in, Kathy! I continue to be amazed at the connections we’re creating all the time and love the ripples both inwards and outwards. Glad to introduce you to Looby’s work in the world – enjoy!

  4. Looby Macnamara

    I had lots of fun talking to you Julie – thank you. Hope people enjoy listening

    • Julie Gibbons

      Thanks for sharing! I’m looking forward to what emerges in the future 🙂


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