CW// pregnancy; motherhood

Our Member Spotlight feature is where you get to meet the folk who have built the Mandala Magic process into their own practice.

For many practitioners, the process sticks with them for years and Karen Nimmo is a great example of this – she’s been practising Mandala Magic since 2015!

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Karen is a certified Gestalt Therapist, yoga teacher – and much more – with a thriving private practice in Scotland’s capital city.

It’s always so enjoyable hearing about the impact of Mandala Magic out there in the world.

Hearing Karen’s story has inspired to me get my journal out today – I hope you’ll feel the same!

I can’t wait to see what emerges for Karen in the future and I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing her much success with this next phase of her ‘Adventures in Being.’


Visit Karen’s website, which for the moment acts as a gateway to her therapy business:


Sign up to Karen’s mailing list to find out more about her forthcoming offerings here.


  1. Jeannie

    I love the tree through the heart.

    • Karen Nimmo

      Thanks Jeannie x

  2. Tammy Hanna

    Thank you both so much for this open and heart centred conversation. I’ve been participating on and off with julie’s mandala programmes since the beginning, but moved away from it in the last few years, though i keep being drawn back each december. listening to this conversation made me realise that there was a barrier in me that kept me from approaching mandala making as something that was there for me, to support and nourish me – rather i kept veering into a pattern of having to make something good enough to show the world. something about engaging this time around, with the ‘basics’ seems to have dissolved that barrier, and i now feel i am being beckoned and welcomed into the mandala with a loving embrace. thank you julie for the work you’ve done in making this possible, for giving these possibilities to us.

    • Julie Gibbons

      Ah, Tammy – it’s amazing to hear that going back to basics and witnessing this conversation has helped you reconnect to this work. Sending love from here to there xo

      • Karen Nimmo

        Hi Tammy, glad to hear this conversation helped to put you back in touch with your mandala work x

  3. claire bischoff

    ooh…I really like the pink Swirly one! This is very helpful to see the mandalas of different peoplE.

    • Karen Nimmo

      Thanks Claire, I really enjoyed making it. It’s on a really big bit of paper, a2 I think


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