Mandala Magic and Botanical Alchemy

Embrace Eco-Painting for the Environment

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of environmental art?

PLANTAGE, the transformative Mandala Magic workshop, offers you a timely opportunity to expand your creativity through the alchemy of responsibly-made botanical inks and mandala artistry.

Join us on a journey where your place in the world literally becomes the canvas and nature’s ingredients bring your visions to life.

Unlock the Secrets of Natural Inks

PLANTAGE empowers you to unleash the magic of plant inks, turning not so ordinary flora into extraordinary art.

Led by our founder, Julie, you’ll discover the eco-artist’s techniques of collecting and brewing botanical inks from the bountiful landscapes around you.

With safe and readily available additives, we’ll help you achieve vibrant, expressive colours that breathe life into your creations.



Create Botanical Inks From Local Plants

Create More Colours Using Specific Alterants

Find the Resources You Need For Your Area

Create a Wider Palette & Record Your Results

Design a Range of Symbolic Mandalas

Add Traditional Art & Craft Tools for More

Craft Personal Symbolism with Mandalas

No drawing skills? No problem!

In PLANTAGE, we’ll show you how to craft deeply symbolic mandalas without any representational illustrations.

Let your imagination soar as you blend personal symbolism and ancient circular patterns into a harmonious masterpiece whilst you embrace eco-painting for the environment.

Connect with Nature, Create with Purpose

PLANTAGE is not just an art workshop; it’s a mindful journey of connection with the environment.

By utilizing natural materials, you’ll experience the joy of eco-painting while leaving a positive impact on the planet – becoming a true environmental artist.

PLANTAGE workshop highlights

🌿 Introducing Botanical Inks

View Julie’s personal collection of homemade inks from wildflowers and plants growing around the River Clyde in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Flip through Julie’s journal results and an out-of-print reference book.

🌿 Collecting Flora & Brewing Inks:

Learn how to create basic inks from local flora using basic kitchen equipment.

Find out which additives are safe to add for more vibrant and colourful inks.

🌿 Colour Mixing:

Use colour theory to create the widest range of colours from the smallest amount of plants.

🌿 Make Mandala Magic:

Make a range of deeply symbolic mandalas without using any representational or illustrative drawing skills.

Join PLANTAGE Mandala Magic with Botanical Alchemy & discover the true essence of environmental artistry.

Embrace your eco-conscious spirit and learn the art of personal expression with botanical inks and magical mandalas.

Create something truly unique – secure your membership to access this one-of-a-kind workshop.

Learn by following the demonstration videos & learning activities for each module.

Access a supportive community of like-minded responsible creatives.

Includes 23 comprehensive lessons.

PLANTAGE is open to all members of the Mandala Magic School.

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PLANTAGE is open to all members of the Mandala Magic School.

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