Mandala Magician Gallery

Parul Doshi

Mandala Magic has been an amazing programme. Being a Jungian analyst, I found it an amazing tool to use in my private practise and it has helped me in my self discovery.

Rebecca Sjövold

Some of my mandala work is on my walls in my home, so I get asked about it all the time. I usually launch into a deep discussion with those who ask but condensed I’d say…I think MM is an excellent opportunity to start (or continue) on a journey of self discovery through art. It creates a structured yet flexible space to explore your thoughts, feelings, desires, aversions, you name it! all the while creating work that is full of meaning even if you never see it as art.

Gittemay Svensson

Mandala Magic is a blessing. I can’t express how deep the impact has been on my creative life. Julie is a wonderful and deeply inspiring teacher. Thank you Julie…for the inspiration, the sharing and for making the course so personal. You are very present…and that’s a gift. I feel very very grateful.

Vicky Sargent

Julie’s Mandala Magic programme will guide and support you through the different stages of the great round of Mandala. No matter how creative or non creative you feel you are you will be surprised with the results and the benefit to your wellbeing. Connecting with people all over the world and sharing the experience together like a circle of supportive friends and family. I love it. X

Sarah Lumb

This course Is beautifully put together and is truly a journey into your own soul. This course is the gift of allowing yourself to discover who you really are, how to appreciate and love the qualities of yourself you wish to keep and to make changes with the things that no longer serve you. Step by step you are unravelled and gently put back together. Can’t recommend it enough to those who are looking to discover their true self. Thank you Julie for sharing your passion in such a beautiful way.

Ruth McCants

Julie Gibbons through her Mandala Magic program has created a deeply engaging, empowering colorful, and magic-making experience.

Wendy Nash

I have always loved the language of mandala and this course by Julie has deepened my experience and I am very grateful as this experience has bought into awareness new depths for me and access to a more deeply enriched life. Thank you Julie

Katie Crommett

Mandala Magic has given me more insight into myself than just talk therapy or other self-growth work alone. It’s also given me confidence and experience as an artist. I’ve always loved mandalas — since I was a kid — and after doing this work, I have so much more understanding of why. Julie runs an incredible online program. She gives you everything you need and more to really dive deep into the symbolism, mystery and meaning of mandalas. I recommend taking this program 210% for deeper self-awareness and artistic practice!

Christi Guymon

Mandala Magic is a valuable tool to love, honor and discover our own inner beauty and the guidance & support that lies within us.

Andria Pedlar

Julie’s program is organized effectively to work at your own pace. MM has many options to accommodate different learning styles. I found it interesting and fun. I also found it quite revealing of myself to myself…juicy!

Alexandra Purbrick

An inspiring, heartfelt journey to the creative centre of the soul. Julie’s calm and reassuring presence as a guide to the beautiful world of mandalas uplifted me and reminded me of the beauty of creating art to help me through my life journey.

Lara Stoudt

Mandala Magic is a wonderful opportunity for connection, community, and creativity! Julie Gibbons’ welcoming spirit and skilled teaching opens the door so I can explore my innermost being with courage and love. Thank you Julie for following your heart and creating a beautiful mandala magician circle of friends!

Lulu Boyadjian

I have loved the Mandala Magic program, it has been an absolute self-nurturing thing to do, I will never stop playing and working with Mandalas as they are such a powerful tool that anyone of any age can enjoy and experience. Thank you to Julie for her kind, warm and gentle teachings that help expand us in a very non-confrontational way.

Anessa Maize

MM has been one of the most inspiring and life-enhancing programs I’ve taken. Being online with easily accessible formats, I could work at my own pace and in my own time with highly skillful and friendly instruction that invited and inspired me to discover my creative artist and express her in soulful and meaningful ways.

Marilyn Browne

This programme stretches the imagination.

Linda Davidson

I have been on a inner work journey for years and have organized women’s group for years. This course is outstanding in combining mind, body and soul inner work. The Mandala Magic course is like being taken on a magical journey if you go within and trust the process.

Andrea LHeureux

I have been intrigued with mandalas for quite some time, and Julia’s program allows me to really dive in and discover my own creativity and strengths!

Josee Rocheleau

Wonderful program made by a passionate teacher! Art and psychology, so interesting for a person who is planning to become an art-therapist. I’ve learned more deeply with Julie than with other on-line program. I recommend it to everyone who like to work on herself throughout llife.

Tanya Stone

I’ve been ill for a few years and as such, haven’t worked or functioned in life like I used to. When I started the program, I was struggling with a sense of purpose and identity while on my path to healing. All my identities or selves I wore: graduate student, writer, printer, musician, horsewoman had been stripped away by illness. I signed up for the course because I liked art, but am certainly no artist, and felt that I could play with art supplies while doing the course and my recovering body could keep up. What I didn’t expect was to find that missing piece of self that I had lost. Mandala Magic’s work is exceedingly personal and self-discovering. I had no choice but to go in and look around. What made it less scary is the community of other people doing the same thing – looking around on the inside… What manifested was lovely, I enjoyed seeing others’ works. It’s like holding hands in the dark and not being afraid. What I’ve found and plan to work more with is a sense of stillness and peace inside, that I can tap into no matter what is going on in the world, the body or the head.

Gena Lumbroso

I have so loved taking the course this year and the path of exploration and adventure that it opened up for me and led me on. I did not really know what to expect and it took me a couple of months to find my footing, but then it was quite magical… transformation happens quite subtlely and you soon feel roots growing, and foundations forming all the while you are having fun creating beautiful pieces of art. It is the most magical thing ever. Julie has built a fascinating, multi-dimensional, life-changing course that just keeps giving… A great gift for yourself, regardless of where you are in life… a great investment for both the present and future!

Kathryn Hart

The very best kind of journey. The process of creating mandalas this way is eye-opening and life changing. Thank you Julie Gibbons for sharing your magic!

Janice Fennell

I have always been drawn to mandalas but never knew why. I began the year with no art and very little mandala experience. Julie’s course to-date has provided me with the opportunity to learn as much as I want about mandala work as she provides various examples each month that the student can study plus a reference section if you want to take it further. Excellent presentation by Julie has increased my enthusiasm to learn more about the Magic Mandala and the Great Round journey we are all on.

Anne Yates

This is the second year I have taken the Mandala Magic course and it has opened up new creative doors in my mind that I never knew existed! It has changed my life and my belief in my creative self! Thank you

Laura Harms

If you’ve ever felt called to the circle, or felt the pull of cyclical qualities of our life this class is for you. Whether you are experienced with making art or mandalas or you are a very new beginner, Julie’s instructions and research will be more than you need to begin.