Soulful Symbolism for
your Creative Imagination

Mandala Symbolism, Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious

Join us for this creative workshop series, CODEX—where your creative imagination merges with the collective unconscious for meaningful art.

Mandala symbolism, archetypes and the collective unconscious are the primary materials you’ll use to reveal the shape of your creative imagination. Through considered exploration, you’ll craft a unique CODEX to serve as a living reference for your creative practice. In CODEX, you will;

  • Identify the influences and inspirations that shape your creative imagination.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the archetypal symbols and patterns that emerge from your personal unconscious.
  • Explore the mandala symbolism of the collective unconscious, first identified by Carl G. Jung.
  • Craft a personal codex—a contemporary reference book that contains the symbolic keys to your creative imagination.
  • Experiment with your creative process, refine your unique creative voice & design your Insignia Mandala.

Creative Imagery for Self Discovery

CODEX is an interactive creative experience.

Through video tutorials, hands-on projects, research prompts and reflective exercises, you’ll create a beautiful dynamic guidebooka CODEX— that serves as a creative portfolio and personal compass.

Your work will be highly personalised, even as we delve into the world of the collective and (if it speaks to you) the transpersonal.

And you are not alone, if you don’t wish to be! You are invited to engage with our community of soulful creatives and together, we will share insights and discoveries as we dive into the realms of soulful symbolism.

Archetypal Motifs & Personal Symbolism

CODEX offers a focused dive into the imaginal realm, whose contents offer you an intuitive source of wisdom to guide your creative projects.

Create meaningful art whenever you choose, researching archetypal themes and designing personal icons.

You’ll blend creativity with introspection, research with expression and intention with interpretation to discover the language of your soul.


Gain a nuanced understanding of archetypal patterns.

Learn which motifs and themes shape your life in the past, present and future.

Applied symbolism, no matter your geography, heritage, or spiritual practice.

Discover Jung's elements of mandala symbolism and what each means for you.

Reveal the personal symbolism that will guide your future Mandala Magic practice.

Create a living reference guide and design your ultimate Insignia Mandala.


‘Most mandalas have an intuitive, irrational character and, through their symbolic content, exert a retroactive influence on the unconscious. They therefore possess a “magical” significance, like icons … ‘

C.G.JUNG, The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
1959 (Routledge reprint 1991) p361.


CODEX consists of four interactive modules, to help you make the first guiding entries in your symbolic guidebook, including how to design the ultimate mandala selfie.

Each module contains at least one video introduction, a research project and a creative outcome:

1. Influences & Inspirations—Shaping Your Lens Of Perception
2. Archetypal Motifs & Visual Symbols—Defining Your Creative Trajectory
3. Mandala Symbolism—The Wisdom Of Collective Unconscious
4. Your Personal Ensign—Designing Your True Selfie Mandala  


When Does The Course Start?

✅ We begin on May 27th 2024. 

What Time Do The Classes Begin?

✅ You can access the material on-demand—there’s no special time to attend, so you can fit this into your usual routine. 

How Long Do I Have Access To The Content?

✅ CODEX is open to all members of the mandalamagicschool.com for the duration of membership.

Who Is This Course For?

✅ Our founder, Julie Gibbons, has designed this Mandala Magic art journaling workshop for everyone interested in making more meaningful art through the familiarisation of the principles of the collective unconscious, mandala symbolism and archetypal wisdom. There are no special prerequisites, although it is helpful if you have already participated in the foundation course, Circle Magic.

Do I Need Special Supplies?

✅ Please watch the videos below for more information on recommended supplies. We always suggest using the supplies you already have, and asking friends and family for donations if you find something missing. Only purchase materials when you feel confident you’ll use them as part of your practice and be mindful of the environmental and social impact of purchases you do make. CODEX is a creative notebooking project and aside from your favourite art materials, it is useful to have access to a printer, though not necessary. Read more about how we advocate for Nature

Do I Need High-Speed Internet?

✅ Most of the content is delivered via video, so a high-speed internet connection works best. You can access the course on a personal computer or mobile device.

Is There An Online Community For This Course?

✅ You can post your work and participate in the private Mandala Magic School Facebook group and share your images with the Instagram hashtags #CODEXworkshop #mandalamagicschool and #mandalamagic, tagging @mandalamagicschool and @juliegibbons.


As with all Mandala Magic School courses, you only need the basics to begin, but it is useful to supplement these with some additional creative supplies to get the most out of CODEX.

It may be helpful to see what Julie would choose if she had to select a limited amount of materials from her supplies.

CODEX is designed for you to be as creative as your imagination allows, so there is great potential to dive into a wider pool of materials. Here, Julie demonstrates some of the materials she might include as she leads you in the creation of your personalised CODEX. 

Meet Your Instructor

Based in Scotland, Julie Gibbons is a symbolic artist who believes in the power of the creative imagination as a means to activate the personal and cultural transformation we need to live in troubled times. 

Julie has been teaching Mandala Magic art journaling for over ten years and has welcomed thousands of practitioners from across the world to participate in her workshops and events. She founded the Mandala Magic School in 2023 to provide a full-time home for practitioners.

CODEX is open to current members of the Mandala Magic School.

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