Life is cyclical, there’s just no getting away from that.

Working with the same themes year after year, we become ever more familiar with ourselves, peeling back layers of ourselves, like the proverbial onion.

This deeper understanding sees us act more kindly towards ourselves, reset our self-esteem and recognise our true value in the world.

In this way, our relationships, engagements and interactions with the external world continue to improve.

ALIGNMENT: GOING DEEPER is a course designed for Alignment alumna and takes you through a full solar cycle, inviting you to explore your own personal line of inquiry guided by the themes for each season.

Along the way, you’re invited into a full demonstration of Julie’s private Alignment journals for the solar year 21/22, provided with prompts to help guide your exploration, additional resources and supporting information, exclusive sonic mandalas, story-telling and more.

Available to all members upon joining the Mandala Magic School.