Our members create the most intriguing artwork and we’re very proud to showcase their work – look out for more of this as we embark on some social activity, courtesy of our newly appointed Social Media intern, Amy.

Kathleen Steelandt created the mandala that accompanies this post in response to the prompts for Beltane from our signature course, Alignment.

Kathleen gave permission for us to use her image to accompany our latest donation to Tree Sisters, covering the last three months of April, May and June.

We were happy to send £125.55 via Work for Good and Miriam from Tree Sisters has been in touch to let us know about the latest shift in Tree Sisters restoration strategy.

You can read more about that in full here.

Here are the highlights:

Community-led projects

Uplifting and empowering communities to lead the restoration of the lands they inhabit

Ethical, nature-led restoration

Nature is conscious, intelligent, and has inherent rights.

Gender equity and women’s empowerment

Gender equity and women’s empowerment are deeply embedded in all our work.

We know that our members share our values and are delighted to know that a proportion of every membership payment they make is put towards properly responsible restoration projects, with similar values and concerns.

Our next donation is due in September and we can’t wait to donate even more to this valuable project – it’s so much more than we might have hoped!

Thanks to Our Members!

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