putting theory into practice for mandala artists

Are you an aspiring mandala artist looking to elevate your skills?

Discover the secrets to unlocking the full potential of your mandala creations with our on-demand video workshop, Mandala Color Theory : Part One.

This course is designed to teach you the ins and outs of color theory and application – within the context of mandala art.

Join us on this colorful journey as we dive into the world of mandalas and color, empowering you to create your most accomplished artwork.

Color Theory for Mandala Art usually focuses on the psychology of color. Mandala Color is different.

Working with color can be one of the most challenging aspects of creating mandala art.

Exploring color from the viewpoint of design, this course is designed to help you transform your mandalas through an understanding of the basic structure of color.


Mandala Color Theory Part One

Colour Wheel

Pure Colours

Seed of Life Framework

Colour Values

Mixing Tertiary Colours

Revealing Patterns

Monochrome Palettes

Complementary Colours

Colour Intensity

Harness the Power of the Mandala Color Wheel

Have you ever constructed an amazing mandala design, only to feel that it’s ruined once you’ve applied the color?

You’re not alone – this happens time and time again – and is usually because you’ve not learned how to properly see and use color.

Mandala Color Theory Part One includes a set of invitational exercises that will help you understand the basic properties of color and how that can be applied to mandala design.

Understanding the color wheel is crucial to creating harmonious and visually appealing mandalas. 

In this course suitable for both novice and accomplished mandala artist, you will practice using six hues to create endless variations from your basic mandala colour wheel.

These techniques will help you expand your color palette without the need to purchase endless tubes of paint – and enhance the character and richness of your mandala designs. 

Each exercise also offers you an opportunity to improve your skills using a painterly approach to the color wheel.

Reveal Intricate Patterns Using Color Values

Uncover the hidden beauty within a universal mandala framework by using color values to reveal a variety of mesmerising patterns.

In Mandala Color Theory you’ll learn how to create depth and dimension in your mandalas using this valuable technique.  

And once you’ve practised creating a variety of mandala colour wheels, you’ll learn how to reveal an endless array of patterns from within the same design structure, working with a monochrome palette.

You’ll be amazed by the visual impact that your enhanced understanding of color value can have on your mandala designs.

Create Harmonious Mandala Designs Using this Color Theory Secret

Unlock this secret behaviour of complementary colors to create sophisticated mandala art.

Color theory as we know it came into being in the nineteenth century and went on to greatly influence the development of art movements thereafter, including impressionism and fauvism.

Masters such as Claude Monet and Henri Matisse employed their knowledge of this secret quality of complementary colors to great effect in their paintings.

This same knowledge will enable you to transform your mandala color techniques from elementary to accomplished, using only two colors from your mandala color wheel.

Why Choose Mandala Color Theory?

  1. Color theory tailored specifically for mandala artists.
  2. Practical demonstrations for applying learned techniques to your artwork
  3. Access to a supportive community of like-minded Mandala Magicians
  4. INSTANT ACCESS – improve your mandala art today.
  5. On-demand access to course materials, allowing you to visit lessons at your own pace.

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