I’ve created this Mandala Color Theory Supplies list to help you prepare to transform your mandala art.

Get ready to make some amazing mandala designs with this specialist workshop, due for release soon.

Mandala Color: Water-based Paint

This time around, we recommend that you use water-based paints to get the most from the exercises.

I work with gouache paint most often and have chosen that medium for each of the demonstrations.

(Please note that I’m using traditional gouache, not the acrylic variety – although this will also work, the effect will vary.)

You can totally substitute traditional watercolour if that’s what you already have – there’s no need to rush out and buy new supplies.

Use What You Have

Let’s be mindful of our material consumption together!

If you want to invest in new paints as part of your creative practice, any small, standard set will likely contain the colours you need.

You can also be more selective and limit yourself to the six colours (or their equivalents) that we have included here.

They will serve you well as you develop your mandala practice.


With careful application and practice, you will be able to recreate the exercises in this mandala workshop using a dry medium, like colouring pencils, but the results won’t be as accurate, or offer as much variety.

Please don’t let it stop you from participating and learning the basics, though!

If you are unsure about investing in paints, perhaps it is best to wait until you’ve watched the demonstration exercises before deciding whether to proceed to purchase.

Practice Not Perfection

Different materials will create different results and I recommend that you invest in a good quality paper that can cope with wet media but if this isn’t available to you, please practice with what you have.

It’s definitely important to know that for color theory work, a white paper is best.

But it is more important that you are able to practice than achieve perfect results.

Upon its release, Mandala Color is only open to current Mandala Magic School members. Explore our membership options here.


Here are the specific supplies used in the workshop.

(Please use any similar items you already have access to.)

Beta Series Mixed Media Sketchbook by Stillman & Birn (7 x 7 in, 270 gsm) – please use a surface suitable for wet media.

Prismacolor Col-Erase Pencils, 20045 Carmine Red, 20053 Terra Cotta – any graphite pencil will work.

Ecobra Universal Bow Compass – you will need compasses to complete this workshop – any type will work.

Derwent Soft Art Eraser – any eraser will work.

T-square Ruler (unbranded) – any straight-edge will work.

Herlitz Set Square with Built-in Protractor – a smaller straight edge that’s easier to manoeuvre across the page.

Paintbrush size 6 (unbranded) – choose one with a pointed tip if possible.

Winsor & Newton Designer Gouache, Cad-Free Red, Primary Yellow, Ultramarine, Cad-Free Orange, Perm Green Middle, Brilliant Violet – any water-based paint in the 3 primary + secondary colours of the standard colour wheel will work.

Water + Jar + Paint Palette – white, porcelain surfaces provide the best surface to mix colours.

Watercolour Sponge – use any rag or sponge to wipe your brush and mop up excess water.


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