Mandala Art Practice

A couple of weeks post-equinox and I was finally ready to create the first mandala for this latest round of the 8-fold year.

Spring Equinox Supplies

I used home-made botanical inks to honour the Elder tree, or bourtree, as it is known in the Scots.

The paper is Artists’ handmade paper from Khadi Papers India in the round.

Practice Not Perfection

I loved how it was going in the beginning but am disappointed that I overworked the centre.

I’m not a skilled watercolourist and am guilty of doing this often.

This time around I switched up the original colour a couple of times and then simply added too many layers, for this rather muddy effect.

Cycles As Practice

Just one of the positive aspects of working with the 8-fold year in our signature program, Alignment, is that it is all practice and I’m treating this the same way.

I love the design and the concept of the inks in this piece, so I can return to it in the future to create a final artwork that will hopefully be much more refined.

Meantime, I’m happy to have passed through this initial gateway – inspired by the amazing work shared by our amazing Mandala Magicians in the Community space.