Mandala Magic Art Journaling

for personal and cultural transformation –
find meaning and create deeper connection through creative practice.

Mandala Magic School 

Winter Registration opens Dec ’23

The School is the only online art school dedicated to the symbolism of mandalas and art journaling as a creative practice.

It’s packed full of in-depth, practical workshops and resources on all aspects of mandala design and art journaling to help you develop a deeply meaningful creative practice.

PLUS the community support you need to gain confidence in your unique art.

You get to learn at your own pace AND join in with live community events.


It does not matter whether you are a mandala beginner or an established practitioner there is content here for all levels of skill. From a total beginner 2 years ago I have developed confidence in my creativity. Julie guides the exercises in such a way that you learn new skills painlessly. She inspires and encourages. I am amazed when I look back through the work I have created that I have progressed so much.

Jacqui Diamond, Mandala Magician

I didn’t know what I should expect when I signed up. I just knew I wanted to get back into creating and I always loved mandalas.  This program was so much more. I learned new techniques. I learned that the mandala is my container that holds my creations, there are different forms of creating a mandala, so many different possibilities.  I learned to lean into my own by first following Julie’s prompts and then getting brave enough to infuse the mandalas with my own magic. I learned a lot about her backstory and how she implemented this into her creations and gave prompts to look into our surroundings, get more comfortable to see and listen what happens around us.  In the end I learned so much about myself and methods of digging deeper. I can only say that you need to try it, if like me you are a bit lost in the sauce and want to start tapping in your creativity that wants to spill out.

Frauke Avent

Alignment was a wonderful way to approach my year mindfully. The mandala tutorials are accessible for multiple levels of experience with art and introduced me to multiple new mediums. There was room for personal creativity and it sparked deep reflection as I made my way through the year.

Ashley Best-Raiten

I used the journaling reflections of each lesson to delve deeply into who I am and who I strive to be. I was able to find expression for the both/and of these times on Earth, to embrace both despair and love for the times in which we are living.  I have always wanted my art practice to be informed by such practices, and the mandala combined with Julie’s wise commentaries has been a gateway. Julie invites so many entry points into Mandala Magic, with a clear invitation to follow one’s own inclinations.  I often find it hard to journal, but somehow I found that I had to do the journaling (sometimes for many days) before I could begin each mandala.  This was something new for me — this preparatory phase. I think it is a new powerful way for me to make art from my heart. Also, in my art practice, I often wax and wane between the draw to detail and complexity and a kind of abstract realism. For me, the mandala combines a secret hunger for detail with personal images and symbols.

Claudia Kern

Is The Mandala Magic School Right For You?

The Mandala Magic School is RIGHT For You If You...

Are a curious, creative individual who wants to make art full of meaning and deepen your connection to the world around you.

Have ever been attracted to mandala art and want to learn how to create unique designs you love as part of your creative practice.

Believe in the power of creativity for personal and cultural transformation.

Are ready to put principles into practice. The School contains a wealth of information but you still need to do the work! Mandala Magic is an entirely experiential process.

Are a beginner or improving mandala artist who is ready to elevate your mandala art and journaling practice.

The Mandala Magic School is NOT For You If You...

Are looking for a cookie-cutter approach to creating mandala designs. True Mandala Magic relies on finding your own symbolic vocabulary.

Want a cheap alternative to art therapy. There are plenty of therapeutic benefits to having a creative practice, but Mandala Magic is not a replacement for professional healthcare. 

Don’t value your inner life experience. Many of the exercises are designed to dig deep into your inner life and other aspects of the imaginal realm.

Are scared to make ‘ugly pages.’ One of the principles of Mandala Magic is that all pages hold meaning and offer teaching experiences, if you allow it.

What Others Are Saying About Mandala Magic

My journey has been an incredible one. I absolutely loved all of the modules, the deep soul work, all of the healing that has come at a much needed time. I’ve always been a believer in creativity as a form of healing and this course far exceeding my expectations. It has been a wonderful learning journey. I would encourage anyone who is drawn to jump in and do the work, the benefits are absolutely amazing.

Julie Vachon

Mandala Magic has invited me to deeply listen to and know myself better, to explore the natural world around me with wonder and curiosity, and to consider the paradoxes and confusions of what it means to live in this world today. Julie gently guides through powerful imagery, insightful questions, and ancestral tales. The exercises help me to capture and remember my feelings, thoughts, and experiences of this moment. Allowing me to consider how things change and remain the same between cycles. I am also grateful for this caring community, and I find myself feeling connected to other members even as I work through the exercises alone.

Lisa Beyers

Julie’s class gave me an excellent framework for this year; I loved the beauty of following the solar/lunar calendar. I needed the mix of spontaneous free-flowing mandalas alongside more specific geometric mandalas (which were harder for me but offered me a good structure too.) I liked the freedom to journal with the mandalas or to omit the reflective writing. It gave me the flexibility for sometimes doing a deep dive and other times staying nearer the surface. I really like Julie’s gentle guidance and hope to learn from her again. I found her to be an excellent teacher, very professional AND genuine.

Pamela Dintaman