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Are you intrigued by the mandala symbol’s potential for personal and cultural transformation and want to learn how to create your own amazing designs?

Do you want to make art journals infused with soulful content, that reveal the essence of who you are and how to navigate the inevitable hurdles of being human in these times?

When the creative impulse comes to visit, do you want a reliable way to get started, tap into the imaginal realm and fully engage your whole Self?

You’re about to discover how to create mandalas and art journals that you love, express your truest self on the page each time you show up and overcome the creative uncertainty we can all feel as sensitive souls in a volatile world.

My name is Julie Gibbons and I’m an artist and educator.

Like you, I feel and experience the world deeply.

Having turned 40 I found myself art journaling to cope with caring for my mum, who was terminally ill. I’d also just left a twenty-year long career.

When my mum died, my existing practice wasn’t enough. I needed to find a way to deal with this profound loss, and figure out my new role in the world and my place in it without a professional identity.

Art journaling was a helpful process, but I yearned for something more structured, more profound and even more meaningful than the randomised pages I’d been creating.

It’s a familiar feeling:

that tingle in our whole body that SIGNALS CREATIVITY,
but when we open the page we don’t know where to begin.

Or, we’re bursting with thoughts and feelings but our existing process doesn’t give us the framework we need to make sense of it all.

We might take a general art course. We’ll certainly watch YouTube tutorials and like hundreds of demos on socials.

But despite this, we’re frustrated at not being as technically competent as we want to be, we still don’t know how to express the entirety of what’s inside us on the page (and the mandala remains something of a mystery.) It’s not the best frame of mind for creative practice!

I was in the same boat, especially feeling like I wasn’t good enough to make the art I felt inside.

But then I had a breakthrough that changed everything…

I realised it wasn’t my lack of technical skills that was holding me back!

My problem wasn’t related to technical prowess, being an amazing artist or having any ‘natural ability.’

The truth is that there are plenty of technically accomplished artists who can struggle to turn their inner dialogues, abstract thoughts, feelings and experiences into art that resonates on a deeper level.

There is also plenty of commercial mandala art that doesn’t speak to the intangible, complex mystery of its geometry or transformational potential.

So how can we access the deepest part of ourselves and make art that we love?

Art that holds deep meaning for us, even if we’re not brilliant at drawing?

I realised I needed a reliable, repeatable, robust method.

I’d always resonated with the circle as a symbol and it showed up repeatedly in my work. 

When I discovered Carl Jung’s work on the unconscious and how he’d identified the mandala as a universal symbol for self-discovery I knew I had to incorporate the mandala in my pages.

It was the most profound transformation and coming home to myself that I could have imagined. 

But when I started out, I was intimidated by the complexity of standard mandala designs and needed to make them personal.

Without a proper connection to my psyche and the imaginal realm, those art journal pages just wouldn’t feel true.

This was the birth of Mandala Magic – a process I’ve shared for over ten years with thousands of folk like you and me who also want to combine all these often intangible elements.

I didn’t go to art school, so I know what holds us back isn’t a skills issue or even natural talent.

What’s more important is how we can open the gateway to our unconscious. How we can activate our creative imagination and our connection to the imaginal realm.

It’s not even about creating beautiful designs or art journal pages. It’s all about the process and what it can reveal to us.

Being able to ask the right questions and learn the art of sacred listening. To establish a grounded line of inquiry and how to create with well-aligned intention.

The work needs us to establish a mutual relationship between what we want to create and the work that wants to be brought to life.

We might create to tell stories but we also need to learn how to open a dialogue with those creations and respond to the teachings they offer.

It’s not an external skills issue, it’s an inner world problem for the psyche to ponder. You need to find a doorway in through process, focus and attention.

That’s the Magic.



It does not matter whether you are a mandala beginner or an established practitioner there is content here for all levels of skill. From a total beginner 2 years ago I have developed confidence in my creativity. Julie guides the exercises in such a way that you learn new skills painlessly. She inspires and encourages. I am amazed when I look back through the work I have created that I have progressed so much.

Jacqui Diamond, Mandala Magician

At the Mandala Magic School, we guide you through a robust process to turn your innate creative impulse into art you’ll be proud of.

You’ll follow step-by-step video demonstrations that you can use to expand your experience and grow your confidence as you create.

Mandala Magic art journaling is a fail-safe method you can use when you’re out of inspiration.

Our courses and workshops contain meaningful prompts to help you generate infinite mandala designs through a mix of intuitive, geometric and symbolic styles of mandala art + journaling.

Throughout the school, you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of art materials to experiment with and offered hints and tips for how to get the best from them – in context.

There is no prerequisite list of materials for participation, so we’ll help you find what works best for you and even encourage you to make your own!

I journeyed from ‘Oh, I can never do something like that’ to ‘I wonder what happens if I try’ to ‘what’s the next assignment, whoopy!’ – Miranda

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced creative, Mandala Magic art journaling provides a reliable and robust creative practice that can lead to the personal and cultural transformation we need to move us from where we are now to where we could be.

The Mandala Magic School helps you delve deeply into the symbolism of the mandala and what its teachings hold for you through practice, form, and exploration.

Your creativity is essential! Carve out creative time for yourself by following the timetables for courses and workshops and join in with live events to co-create with your community.

We’ll be here for you when you’re ready, whichever time zone you’re in. All live events are recorded and you can attend as if you're there in real-time.

Develop your unique style as you follow our invitational prompts and find out what marks you enjoy making and what themes you prefer to work with.

Make meaning and experience the transformation you need to live a more fully actualised life through a connected, aligned and soulful practice.

INSTANT ACCESS to all courses


A year-long creative program that combines art journaling with mandala art and symbolism, following the cycle of the 8-fold year.

Work with eight seasons in a liturgy of nature and its long-standing milestones – a pattern of ancient Scotland and beyond.

Offerings in a variety of formats, including film, story-telling, mandala-making and other creative prompts from the Midwinter Solstice to Samhain.


A course designed for Alignment alumna that takes you through a full solar cycle, inviting you to explore your own personal line of inquiry guided by the themes for each season.

You’re also invited into a full demonstration of Julie’s private Alignment journals, with prompts to help guide your deeper exploration PLUS additional resources and supporting information, exclusive sonic mandalas, story-telling and more.


This short course is an exploration into the remarkable geometry of the circle – the most basic of mandalas.

Although not all mandalas are circles, circles are the most common form of the mandala symbol.

In Circle Magic, you will discover some of the geometric properties of the circle that you can employ to create an endless variety of mandala designs and practice your unique mandala style.


Working with colour can be one of the most challenging aspects of creating mandala art.

Colour theory for mandala art usually focuses on the psychology of colour – Mandala Color is different.

This course is designed to teach you the ins and outs of colour theory and application – within the context of mandala art.

Suitable for practitioners and beginners.


Mandala Secrets: Fresh Ways to Transform Your Mandala Art is an event we created to give a short demonstration of Mandala Magic using an unusual approach to mandala grid building.

During the event, our founder Julie shares many of her mandala creation secrets to help unlock your potential as a mandala artist and turn your attraction into unique and meaningful mandala art, even if you’re a beginner.


PLANTAGE is not just an art workshop; it’s a mindful journey of connection with the environment.

Embrace your eco-conscious spirit and learn the art of personal expression with botanical inks and magical mandalas.

The course includes information on how to identify and collect suitable plants wherever you live, how to create basic ink inks & extend your colour palette using safe modifiers.


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To help fill in the gaps between our courses and your practice, the Content Library is an ever-expanding central resource where you can find mini-workshops, tutorials and event replays. Topics already covered include mandala interpretation and many more!

Your opportunity to gather in real-time, over Zoom to create with Julie and your fellow Mandala Magicians. The best opportunity to schedule meaningful creative time with your community. Includes time for sharing & witnessing. Replays are always available.

Informal online gatherings where you can show up to chat about your creative practice, have your questions answered and gather feedback for your work. These events are not recorded as no formal teaching is shared.

A private community where you can share your images, ideas and inspirations and offer plenty of encouragement and support to your fellow Mandala Magicians.  Currently hosted on Facebook Groups.

Fifteen minute-long audio episodes from Julie, sharing Mandala Magic musings and invitations.

Almost weekly emails with all the news and content you need to keep in touch with the School.

What Others Are Saying About Mandala Magic

I didn’t know what I should expect when I signed up. I just knew I wanted to get back into creating and I always loved mandalas.  This program was so much more. I learned new techniques. I learned that the mandala is my container that holds my creations, there are different forms of creating a mandala, so many different possibilities.  I learned to lean into my own by first following Julie’s prompts and then getting brave enough to infuse the mandalas with my own magic. I learned a lot about her backstory and how she implemented this into her creations and gave prompts to look into our surroundings, get more comfortable to see and listen what happens around us.  In the end I learned so much about myself and methods of digging deeper. I can only say that you need to try it, if like me you are a bit lost in the sauce and want to start tapping in your creativity that wants to spill out.

Frauke Avent

Alignment was a wonderful way to approach my year mindfully. The mandala tutorials are accessible for multiple levels of experience with art and introduced me to multiple new mediums. There was room for personal creativity and it sparked deep reflection as I made my way through the year.

Ashley Best-Raiten

I used the journaling reflections of each lesson to delve deeply into who I am and who I strive to be. I was able to find expression for the both/and of these times on Earth, to embrace both despair and love for the times in which we are living.  I have always wanted my art practice to be informed by such practices, and the mandala combined with Julie’s wise commentaries has been a gateway. Julie invites so many entry points into Mandala Magic, with a clear invitation to follow one’s own inclinations.  I often find it hard to journal, but somehow I found that I had to do the journaling (sometimes for many days) before I could begin each mandala.  This was something new for me — this preparatory phase. I think it is a new powerful way for me to make art from my heart. Also, in my art practice, I often wax and wane between the draw to detail and complexity and a kind of abstract realism. For me, the mandala combines a secret hunger for detail with personal images and symbols.

Claudia Kern

Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction and Peace of Mind

At the Mandala Magic School, we are dedicated to ensuring that your experience with us is fulfilling and enriching. That's why we offer a straightforward and reassuring guarantee.

Immediate Access, Zero-Risk: As soon as you sign up, you gain immediate access to all our content.

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Join us with the confidence that your journey into the world of Mandala Magic is backed by a commitment to your satisfaction and a guarantee that respects your freedom and choice.

Is The Mandala Magic School Right For You?

The Mandala Magic School is RIGHT For You If You...

Are a curious, creative individual who wants to make art full of meaning and deepen your connection to the world around you.

Have ever been attracted to mandala art and want to learn how to create unique designs you love as part of your creative practice.

Believe in the power of creativity for personal and cultural transformation.

Are ready to put principles into practice. The School contains a wealth of information but you still need to do the work! Mandala Magic is an entirely experiential process.

Are a beginner or improving mandala artist who is ready to elevate your mandala art and journaling practice.

The Mandala Magic School is NOT For You If You...

Want a cookie-cutter approach to creating mandala designs. True Mandala Magic relies on finding your own symbolic vocabulary.

Want a cheap alternative to art therapy. There are plenty of therapeutic benefits to having a creative practice, but Mandala Magic is not a replacement for professional healthcare. 

Don’t value your inner life experience. Many of the exercises are designed to dig deep into your inner life and other aspects of the imaginal realm.

Are scared to make ‘ugly pages.’ One of the principles of Mandala Magic is that all pages hold meaning and offer teaching experiences, if you allow it.

What Others Are Saying About Mandala Magic

My journey has been an incredible one. I absolutely loved all of the modules, the deep soul work, all of the healing that has come at a much needed time. I’ve always been a believer in creativity as a form of healing and this course far exceeding my expectations. It has been a wonderful learning journey. I would encourage anyone who is drawn to jump in and do the work, the benefits are absolutely amazing.

Julie Vachon

Mandala Magic has invited me to deeply listen to and know myself better, to explore the natural world around me with wonder and curiosity, and to consider the paradoxes and confusions of what it means to live in this world today. Julie gently guides through powerful imagery, insightful questions, and ancestral tales. The exercises help me to capture and remember my feelings, thoughts, and experiences of this moment. Allowing me to consider how things change and remain the same between cycles. I am also grateful for this caring community, and I find myself feeling connected to other members even as I work through the exercises alone.

Lisa Beyers

Julie’s class gave me an excellent framework for this year; I loved the beauty of following the solar/lunar calendar. I needed the mix of spontaneous free-flowing mandalas alongside more specific geometric mandalas (which were harder for me but offered me a good structure too.) I liked the freedom to journal with the mandalas or to omit the reflective writing. It gave me the flexibility for sometimes doing a deep dive and other times staying nearer the surface. I really like Julie’s gentle guidance and hope to learn from her again. I found her to be an excellent teacher, very professional AND genuine.

Pamela Dintaman


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