No one is more surprised that the community is one of the most active features of Mandala Magic School membership than myself. 

When we’re working with deeply personal material, which is usually the case with mandala art journaling, it is often a solitary experience.

Even the propensity to excavate our inner world through rigorous enquiry is likely to be more appealing to those of us with a less extroverted personality.

But as humans, we all need connection, no matter our propensity for deliberation and daydreaming. 

Last December, we met for our Solstice event over Zoom and welcomed many new faces to our curious corner of the internet.

Working from the same prompt, we spent time producing mandala-based work that holds deep meaning for each of us.

It’s easy to spot the relatedness of the images created from the prompt and yet the outcomes from each are rich and varied.

Community connection is certainly not the primary reason for joining the Mandala Magic School, but it continues to prove popular …

Our community also makes a contribution to Tree Sisters, the small charity promoting ethical nature connection and restoration, with every member transaction qualifying for a donation.

Memberships for October through December 2023 generated a donation of £154.35 for the charity.

Find out more about our partnership.

Gathering in Magic Circle has become one of my favourite experiences of hosting the School and I’m looking forward to our next gathering as we pass through the Spring Equinox gateway in the 8-Fold Year.

Here’s some of the work created by our community during December’s event. Click on any mandala below to expand the view.

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  1. Lina Newstead

    So amazingly different!! And yet you could see the themecoming through in each mandala


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