We Are a SoulTrees Partner

embedding nature restoration at the heart of our business, moving beyond the transaction model.

We believe that a radical response to current ecological crises is required by all business leaders today.


The SoulTrees Partner Programme is run by TreeSisters, a UK registered social change and reforestation charity that places tropical forest restoration into everyone’s hands.

Why TreeSisters?

TreeSisters conduct comprehensive research, only working with planting partners and projects that complete and adhere to their ethical and sustainable due diligence process. 

Cultural Shift

TreeSisters encourage feminine leadership by providing resources, experiences and communities that inspire personal and collective action on behalf of the trees. 

Plant a tree with the Mandala Magic School and TreeSisters

Beyond the Transaction

As a SoulTrees Partner, we have embedded nature restoration into the heart of our business model, culture and educational content.

For every member transaction made here at the Mandala Magic School, we donate the cost of planting one tree to TreeSisters for distribution amongst their global project partners.* That means if you join our monthly membership, a tree is planted on your behalf every month!

But we don’t stop there…

We truly believe in TreeSisters’ mission to create a shift away from consumerism to restoration. Here are just some of the actions we’re starting with:

Getting Started

There’s no long list of required materials for membership of the Mandala Magic School and we encourage members to reuse supplies and materials they already have. Full participation is possible with only a very few products and supplemental training helps members make the most of the supplies they already have.

Reduced Consumption

We aim to reduce the consumption of unnecessary art supplies and reliance on shop-bought materials.

We encourage members to source alternatives to any supplies they don’t already have, including using ordinary household materials, when possible.


The school promotes awareness of responsible artistry. This includes paying attention to supply chains, manufacturing processes and conditions, packaging materials and shipping options. We also recommend reducing the use of products made with harmful ingredients, e.g. cadmium paint. 

Nature Connectedness

Much of the content offered at the Mandala Magic School encourages nature connectedness, one of the core activities TreeSisters recommends as “a measurable psychological construct grounded in science that captures the relationship between people and the rest of the natural world. Not only do those with a high level of nature connectedness enjoy better mental health, but studies have shown that they are more likely to act in environmentally friendly ways. Crucial for conservation and climate change efforts globally.”

We wholeheartedly agree and our signature course, Mandala Magic: ALIGNMENT, observes natural cycles and focuses on developing a close relationship with nature, the land we inhabit and the other-than-human kin we share it with, encouraging a deeper commitment to caring for and, where possible, restoring our natural environment.

For those who require more direct action, part of ALIGNMENT offers experimentation with the creation of natural pigments and our PLANTAGE course teaches responsible methods of creating botanical inks to create mandalas that are truly symbolic of the landscape in which we live. 

The popular Tree Magic practitioner workshop also takes place in the Mandala Magic School, raising additional donations shared between TreeSisters and Trees for Life.

How might you build nature connectedness into your creative practice? What about this recommendation from TreeSisters;

Create in Nature

Studies have shown that nature can enhance creativity by making us more curious, flexible and open to new ideas. Why not channel that creative energy into a painting, song, photograph or short story? Be inspired and keep a nature journal. Think back to your favourite moments when you’ve felt connected to the earth and start capturing these in a way that speaks to you. Journalling has the added bonus that if you’re feeling disconnected in the future, you have a whole catalogue of ideas, drawings and memories you can tap into to reconnect easily. 

Changing Behaviours

It’s not only through the primary content and activities of the Mandala Magic School that we aim to lead on the issue of nature restoration.

Through its remote working policy, the Mandala Magic School avoids unnecessary travel and energy emissions and expenditure. 

We are also committed to an annual review of suppliers and manufacturers, favouring those with a positive commitment to responsible and/or sustainable methods and materials.

The Mandala Magic School does not participate in an Amazon affiliate program, previously used to generate revenue through purchases of recommended products.

Just like you, we would like to make as much positive change as we can in terms of our responsibility to the world in which we live. This is an ongoing project and one we will continue to monitor and make changes as necessary.

We won’t always get things right and welcome your feedback if you can make recommendations that will help us make a difference together. Thank you, TreeSister!

Work for Good

*£0.45 of each member transaction will be donated to TreeSisters via Work for Good, paid quarterly.