Mandala Magic Art Journaling

for personal and cultural transformation –
find meaning and create deeper connection through creative practice.


Mandala Symbolism, Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious

Join us for this creative workshop series, CODEX—where your creative imagination merges with the collective unconscious for meaningful art.

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No Experience? No worries!

Do you feel creative but have little experience or training in making art that you love? At the Mandala Magic School, we guide you through a robust process to turn your innate creative impulse into art you’ll be proud of. You’ll follow step-by-step video demonstrations that you can use to expand your experience and grow your confidence from one mandala to the next.

Not Sure How to Begin?

Have you ever sat down to make art and didn’t know where to begin? You’re not alone. Mandala Magic art journaling is a fail-safe method you can use when you’re out of inspiration. Our courses and workshops contain meaningful prompts to help you generate infinite mandala designs through a mix of intuitive, geometric and symbolic styles of mandala art + journaling.

Help With Tools + Techniques?

Are you frustrated with your art supplies? Throughout the school, you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of art materials to experiment with and offered hints and tips for how to get the best from them – in context. There is no prerequisite list of materials for participation, so we’ll help you find what works best for you and even encourage you to make your own!

Mandala Magic Art Journaling Helps You
Find Meaning + Create Connection

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced creative, Mandala Magic art journaling provides a reliable and robust creative practice that can lead to the personal and cultural transformation we need to move us from where we are now to where we could be.

I journeyed from ‘Oh, I can never do something like that’ to ‘I wonder what happens if I try’ to ‘what’s the next assignment, whoopy!’ – Miranda

Featured Courses + Workshops


PLANTAGE is not just an art workshop; it’s a mindful journey of connection with the environment. Discover how to make your own botanical inks & create stunning mandalas to tell the unique story of home.


Learn the basics of Mandala Magic art journaling with this series of online creative tutorials, whilst you explore the remarkable geometry of the most basic mandala – the circle. Suitable for beginners + skilled artists.


Our beloved signature course guides you through a full solar cycle in your art journal with over 26 mandala exercises exploring the archetypes of the true ‘Celtic’ year + a full catalogue of supporting resources.

mandala magic art journaling

is for everyone

“My love for this process has grown in ways I did not anticipate. I crave the gatherings by video, social media, and our zoom gatherings. Julie provides us all a safe and nurturing place that is humble and loving in which to bring forth the creative longing we all seem to have. Her guidance and encouragement are exemplary. I can’t wait to see where our next journey takes us!”

Denise Russell

“The Mandala as an art vessel really excited me and is the main reason I joined the 8-fold year practice. I have found so much more than artistic expression. Julie’s welcoming energy, her creative artistry, encouragement, and journaling has guided me towards self-discovery, personal growth, curiosity and creative insights. Mandala Magic is a joyful experience that offers a wealth of information as well as thought provoking questions.”

Florence LeFrancois

“It does not matter whether you are a mandala beginner or an established practitioner there is content here for all levels of skill. From a total beginner 2 years ago I have developed confidence in my creativity. Julie guides the exercises in such a way that you learn new skills painlessly. She inspires and encourages. I am amazed when I look back through the work I have created that I have progressed so much.”

Jacqui Diamond

“… the circle offers us a mirror. We can see and be seen in that mirror.
The circle gives us a place to belong.
It holds us, feeds us, and reminds us that nothing and no one is ever truly lost.”

– Christiana Guppy

Personal + Cultural Symbolism

Do you have a deep desire to develop your symbolic vocabulary? What about the ethical use of cultural symbolism in your art? Here at the Mandala Magic School, we guide you to create your unique symbolic lexicon by connecting to the imaginal realm + make meaning from your direct experience.

Too Busy To Practice?

Busy life. Busy Mind. It’s a sign of the times!
Become a member and you’ll be invited to carve out creative time for yourself. Follow the timetables for courses and workshops and join in with live events to co-create with your community. We’ll be here for you when you’re ready, whichever time zone you’re in.

Develop Your Style

No more cookie-cutter mandala designs.
You’ll develop your unique style as you follow our invitational prompts and find out what marks you enjoy making and what themes you prefer to work with. Our courses, workshops and tutorials also teach you the basics of mandala design and geometry.

Mandalas are more than just beautiful works of art. They hold geometric, spiritual, psychological and metaphysical significance for many and can be used as a tool for creative expression, meditation and self-reflection by everyone. 

Many people can’t explain their natural attraction to these radial designs but feel it most profoundly. If that sounds like you, practising Mandala Magic art journaling can become your way to discover the power of this enduring symbol.

Joining the Mandala Magic School offers you the opportunity to explore Mandala Magic art journaling and build an extraordinary art journal that will become a treasured volume full of meaning. 

Whether you are new to the world of Mandala Magic Art Journaling, have a passing interest in Sacred Geometry Mandalas or are a seasoned journaler, the Mandala Magic School offers you a friendly and welcoming community to explore the sacred essence of YOU!